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TCDR(1)                    User Manuals                   TCDR(1)

       tcdr  - menu based front-end for audio and data CD record

       tcdr [1]

       tcdr is a ncurses (dialog)  based  console  front-end  for
       mkisofs,  cdrecord, cdrdao and numerous sound manipulation
       programs written in bash.  It is used  to  create  various
       types  of  data and audio CD-ROMs and offers several sound
       file format conversions.

       - Configuration detection (device file, SCSI address),
       - Medium detection (type, size, empty space),
       - Software selection,
       - CD-R / CD-RW support,
       - Transparently compressed CD (ZISO) support,
       - Directory to ISO/ZISO image,
       - ISO/ZISO image to CD,
       - Data CD to ISO,
       - Data CD to CD copy,
       - Data CD to CD copy on the fly,
       - Mixed mode CD (CD Extra),
       - Multi-session CD,
       - El Torito boot CD,
       - Audio CD to CD copy,
       - Audio CD to CD copy on the fly,
       - Audio CD ripping to RAW/WAV images,
       - Audio image to CD,
       - Audio tracks to RAW/WAV/MP3/OGG files,
       - RAW/WAV/MP3/OGG files to Audio CD,
       - RAW/WAV recording from /dev/dsp,
       - RAW/WAV/MP3/OGG playback,
       - Automatic TOC file generation,
       - Different blanking modes,
       - Write simulation (dummy mode),
       - Overburning, etc...

       1     Disables program output  windows.   This  will  take
             away  some  control and information, but is good for
             repetitive tasks.  Use it with care.  In  fact,  you
             should not use it at all until you have some routine
             using tcdr.

       To successfully run  and  use  tcdr,  you  need  at  least
       cdtool,  cdrdao,  dialog  and cdrtools (mkisofs, cdrecord,
       isoinfo) on your system.

       Transparently compressed CD-ROMs  are  currently  readable
       only  on  Linux.   You  need mkisofs from cdrtools package
       version 1.11a20 or  later  to  create  transparently  com
       pressed CD-ROMs.

       You  need  cdrecord  version  1.11a01  or later to perform
       overburning.  Make sure to perform a dummy simulation  run
       before overburning a CD-ROM.

       tcdr beyond version 1.x will search for installed software
       capable to perform the same tasks and  use  the  available
       ones,  or if multiple choices are available, the ones with
       the  best  quality/performance.   This  behavior  can   be
       altered  by  hacking  the tcdr executable.  See the online
       documentation (manual.html) for details.

              The configuration file (usually not needed)
              The tcdr executable
              The tcdr README
              The tcdr changelog
              A small logo
              Copyright information
              The tcdr manual
              tcdr uninstall script (.tar.gz package only)
              This man page
              The audio device

       brec and rawrec recording could be described  as  untested
       and  skittish at best.  Please consider using sox instead.

       Sanity checks for all the  supported  software  is  pretty
       time  consuming,  so please report any bugs you encounter;
       you will be credited in the Changelog! ;-).

       The latest version of tcdr is available as  a  .tar.gz  or
       .deb package from:


       The latest version of tcdr manual is available online as a
       HTML document at:


       Szilard Torok <kobold2 at yahoo dot com>

       This program is distributed under the  terms  of  the  GNU
       General  Public License as published by the Free  Software
       Foundation.  See the included GNU_GPL file for details  on
       the License and the lack of warranty.

       amp(1),  awk(1), aumix(1), bash(1), bladeenc(1), bplay(1),
       brec(1),  cam(1),  cdcd(1),  cdda2wav(1),   cdparanoia(1),
       cdrdao(1),  cdrecord(1), cdtool(1), dialog(1), freeamp(1),
       gcd(1), groovycd(1), isoinfo(8),  lame(1),  lsof(8),  mad_
       play(1),   maplay(1),   mcd(1),  mkisofs(1),  mkzftree(1),
       mp3blaster(1), mpg123(1), mpg321(1), namei(1),  nmixer(1),
       ogg123(1),  oggdec(1),  oggenc(1),  rawplay(1), rawrec(1),
       readcd(1),   rexima(1),   sadp(1),    sox(1),    splay(1),
       toolame(1),  tplay(1),  wav2cdr(1),  wavp(1),  wavplay(1),
       wavr(1), workbone(1), yarec(1)

       and the manual.

TCDR                     November 7, 2002                 TCDR(1)